Skylight Arch

Skylight Arch is located on Stud Horse Point Mesa about 6 miles outside of Page, AZ. Once you get on top of the Mesa there are some Hoodoos. Once you pass the Hoodoos you continue on the journey with sweeping views of Lake Powell, Lone Rock, Castle Butte and Navajo Mountain.

On the west side of the Mesa is the Amangiri resort. The 4×4 vehicles can only make it so far where the road is blocked off. The hike to the arch is just over a mile.
4×4 is required.

There is hiking involved with this activity. There is no shade on the hike. 
Tours are available, starting price is $85 per person (2 person minimum for tours to operate.)

Tour duration is 3 hours. 
Contact us at “The Hub” to book this adventure.